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It was nearly 2:00pm and Vinyl was still waiting thinking that her friend was setting her up somehow.
“Don’t worry they’ll get here.” Leo said has we was cleaning coffee cups.
“I know but I still can’t help but worry.”
Vinyl sat and waited but nothing, she played with her long red hair counting the strands as the time went by and eventually laid her head on the table and drifted into a snooze.”
“Vinyl….Vinyl wake up cutie.”  Vinyl felt a hand hold her shoulder she lifted her head and yawned cutely.
She turned around to see DJ, Q, and Redfoo, Redfoo looked….even…well there was no other way to describe it…..He was a hot mess…He was very attractive in his blazer and LaFreak pants…Vinyl felt her face turned a little red and as Redfoo looked at her with baby eyes and pursed lips she recovered herself. She knew Redfoo was a player and new he could probably read her face so she made herself to  look uninterested.
She turned her head away from his gaze and looked at DJ.
“Hey DJ what can I do for you.”
“Woah, you don’t seem excited haha you are so faking it, deep down you are a five year old at chucky cheeses.”
“I’m trying to be calm, its hard to do that when your idol is standing right infront of you.”
Q started flexing “Awh no problem baby.”
Vinyl chuckled “ You are okay but I was talking about Redfoo.”
Q looked disappointed and turned the other way and Redfoo chuckled.
Vinyl felt pretty confident and that Redfoo was starting to like her and then she realized something and turned to Leo who was observing
“Hey Leo could you get me a tall black coffee on me for Redfoo.”
“No problem.”
Vinyl turned to DJ, Q, and Redfoo, Redfoo had a small smirk on his face.
“I’m honored that you know my favorite kind of coffee baby.”
“I’m a fan so I think I should know.” Vinyl said as she raised her eyebrow and turned back to DJ. “So you said they needed someone for a bartending job, I’m totally up for it.”
Q turned to look at Vinyl. “If you are so sure what do you think is the hardest drink to mix and make?”
“Hmmm…..Carbombs can be pretty hard to make since you have to serve it fast before the Bailey’s starts to curdle but it really depends on how experienced the bar tender is.” She winked before her few last words to Q.
Q and Redfoo looked at her. “I have an idea! How about we have you over and we can have a lil party yah know, a get together and we see how well you’re skills are then.” Redfoo said with excitement.
“That sound fun, I’d love to show you my skills.”
Redfoo took out a card and scribbled some things on it and gave it to vinyl. The card had a date, address, and number.
“Call me sometime baby and come to the party, it was nice to meet you but we gotta go.”
Redfoo took Vinyl’s hand and kissed it.
“It was a pleasure to meet you to hun.” Vinyl said flattered.
    The guys left the coffee shop and Vinyl turned around to face the counter.
“I can’t believe it.’
Leo looked at her “Don’t get too excited, I’m looking out for you. I saw the way he looked at you.”
“Leo, do I detect a hint of jealousy? Look, I told you I’m not into getting laid or relationships. I already told you no. I’m not even ready for a relationship.”
Vinyl went on to sip her coffee and Leo looked out the glass doors getting ready to finish his shift.
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So along with art I've been working on cosplay. I am currently working on a Kaguya cosplay from Naruto!

My sewing skills aren't exactly perfect but they are decent and I can't wait to post them on deviant art! As for art I haven't done much drawing do to my high school year. I decided to take advance medical classes so I can go into the medical field when I move to California after I'm eighteen. My ADHD doesn't help with the classes I'm taking and I don't study as well as I should but I'm trying.
     Usually listening to the tv or some kind of background noise helps me study. I've recently been rewatching Lost and oh my gosh I have a major fangirl moment with the character Sayid and Soyer like holy cow the actors are hot (just saying)
    I've been working with babysitting and earning lots of money lately which is pretty cool, I'm saving up for a computer and also my moving to California but thats a long ways from now but still saving up is pretty good.

see yah later XD

P.S I also might be changing my user name to CyberPunk once I can hopefully get a premium membership :/ but I don't really wanna have to buy a premium just to change my name.


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